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2021-22 Board Theme: Land-Based Teachings

The Land is Part of Us

Look for Inuit Teachings and Storytelling On Earth Day 2022

Our schools will learn about our relationship to the land through the stories and teachings of the first peoples of this land.

CDSBEO Indigenous Education Day 2022

Our 7th Annual CDSBEO Indigenous Education Day will take place on Wednesday, May 4th, 2022. We celebrate First Nations, Métis and Inuit traditions, culture and worldview on this day.
This year, we focus on Strawberry Teachings.

Orange Shirt Day Across CDSBEO 2022

CDSBEO collaborated with the city of Cornwall and Akwesasne to mark this important work. Fountains were orange in the city to commemorate victims and survivors of Residential Schools.

Support for NBE Courses

Virtual Cultural Teachings are held on Tuesdays to support NBE and all teachers.

CDSBEO Medicine Wheel Banners

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Bird Medicine and Sharing Circles

St. Gregory CS


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