Writing prompts are an excellent Minds-On activity to begin a learning experience or as a means to consolidate feelings.  The following writing prompts are meant to focus students’ attention on some First Nations, Metis, and Inuit history, culture and perspectives.


  1. Be sure students have something  with which to capture their thinking: ipad, computer, journal, etc… ready before you begin to read.
  2. Clearly outline to students that when you are finished reading they will respond to the reading by quietly writing their personal reactions to the reading.  There is no wrong way to react!
  3. Read one of the grade appropriate excerpts to your group from the list found in the column to the right.
  4. Excerpts should last no longer than 1-2 minutes.  Shorter for younger students.
  5. Give students time to complete their responses.  Time will vary according to age and writing ability.
  6. You may want to give students the choice of sharing their ideas in pairs, small groups or large groups.  Some may choose to share privately with you.