Prompt #1  A First Nations excerpt from The Beothuk of Newfoundland A Vanished People Ingeborg Marshall
 The Beothuk lived on the island of Newfoundland for many centureies until the last of them died over 150 years ago.  Today, some of the older people in communities to the north still tell stories about the Beothuk, and fishermen occasionally come upon their tools on beaches or in caves.  Archaeologists, searching for clues to the past, discover Beothuk camp sites and burials.  These traces and stories, supplemented by records from settlers, explorers, and Beothuk captives, are all we have left of the Beothuk Indians.
Prompt #2  A First Nations excerpt from As Long as the Rivers Flow by Larry Loyie

 The younger children ran outside to play.  Lawrence stayed with the older people, listening carefully.

Mama spoke quietly.  “Kokom keeps hearing that children are being taken from their families and put in a school far away.”  She looked at Lawrence, then lowered her voice even more.  He could only hear part of what she said.  It was something about prison.

“What are they going to do to us next?” Grandma said

Lawrence didn’t understand.  What was this school? He didn’t want to leave home.  He played with the other children all day.  HE was learningn to hunt and fish to help feed the family, and he was pretty good at it, too.

That night as he lay in bed, he remembered Mama’s words.  What did they mean?