Meet 10 Indigenous women who are making the world a better place


‘Rising Tides’ Offers Hope in a Time of Climate Catastrophe

Essays and poems reflect on loss and our connection to all living things.


Canadians Need More Love and Respect For Water

Blog by Craig and Marc Kielburger
Home to 60 per cent of the world’s lakes, we are a nation with water at its heart. But some thought leaders say Canadians are losing an awareness of, and passion for, our water resources. It’s a connection we need to rekindle for our country to successfully tackle some serious threats to the treasure that is our water supply.


On the largest freshwater island in the world, Lake Huron’s Native Americans warn of the fragility of water

By Tony Briscoe, Chicago Tribune


Italy Just Became the First Country to Require Schools to Teach Climate Change

Exploring digital activism: Learnings from climate action month

Waterlife is a documentary film about the Great Lakes that follows the flow of the lakes’ water from the Nipigon River to the Atlantic Ocean. The film’s goal is to take viewers on a tour of an incredibly beautiful ecosystem that is facing complex challenges.

MULCAIR: Meeting our international environmental obligations is key

MULCAIR: Meeting our international environmental obligations is key

Climate change now irreversible due to warming oceans, UN body warns